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Intelligent  Fitness

Intelligent  Health


True Fitness

Go Gym is a fitness studio in Atlanta, GA with emphasis on functional fitness, physical therapy and nutrition. Go Gym provides all your wellness needs with this in mind: Personalized fitness and health for YOU.

At Go Gym, you have fun doing professional, no-nonsense fitness training. That means methods that work, not fads nor gimmicks.  We pay attention to your needs and move towards results. We gradually increase strength and overall fitness and keep the body out of pain. We work hard to personalize exercises and, with this in mind, offer individual and semi-private fitness training.

We not only help you build strength, but also agility, endurance, and flexibility. Additionally, we help you become pain-free and improve your posture and joints’ range of motion. If that is not enough, we have your nutritional needs covered

Our approach in fitness is simple - Recovery follows performance. That is why our training is fused with prehab exercises. That's intelligent fitness.


"Results keep me exercising with Go Gym! I feel better than I have felt in my life! I am building muscle. My staff wants to look just like me!"
- Monica, Dir. of Business Development

“I was overweight, a borderline diabetic and concerned about injuries. I really wanted to live an active lifestyle and be fit. Since working out with Go Gym, I’ve lost 60 lbs, reduced my body fat from 31% to 22% and increased my flexibility, strength and stamina. My family can’t believe the changes!”
- Gene, Business Owner

“Working with Go Gym reminds me of playing on the play ground when I was young. It's fun despite the exertion or maybe because of it.”

- Lynn, Registered Nurse, 


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